Let our certified massage therapists alleviate pain, relax tight muscles, improve muscle tone and revive your entire body.

60 / 90 minutes    $95 / $130
This gentle classic European technique relaxes the body, stimulates circulation, and relieves muscle tension and soreness. A combination of various movements, Swedish massage may include long strokes, kneading, small circle friction and vibration or Shaking and briskly applied percussive movements to reduce overall muscle tension and stress.

30 / 60 / 90 minutes    $65 / $95 / $130
A deeper massage designed to ease areas of muscle soreness and tension. It incorporates all of the elements of Swedish with increased intensity for relieving impaired muscle function. Those who are chronically stressed, highly competitive, or very physical will enjoy the extra attention. Your therapist will perform personalized techniques including compression, stretching, and cross fiber work to target specific deep muscle groups. Deep heat and/or cold packs are incorporated to achieve best results.

30 / 60 / 90 minutes    $75 / $105 / $140
Enjoy the fragrance of pure essential oils and promote your health and well-being. This full body massage combines the nurturing and relaxing powers of touch and beautiful scents to reduce stress and tension. Select from different aromatherapy synergies to harmonize body mind and spirit.

30 / 60 minutes    $65 / $95
Nurture the mother-to-be with a full-body massage to relieve tension and discomfort during pregnancy. A support cushion is used to accommodate any stage of pregnancy and a cooling herbal gel provides comfort especially to heavy legs and fluid filled tissue. Not recommended during first trimester!

75 minutes $140
The healing energy of the stones goes beyond the physical experience of a traditional massage taking you into deeper dimensions of relaxation and overall well-being. Both warmed and cool stones can be used to massage the body. The energy of heated stones penetrates deeply into the muscles and melts away your tension. The cool marbles flush the blood from the area, creating a dynamic contrast, both sedating and energizing. A touch of aromatherapy deepens the experience, while traditional massage techniques are used on targeted areas. You will experience complete peacefulness and deep relaxation.

30 / 60 minutes    $65 / $95
A special massage technique carried out on your feet to correspond to specific areas of the body. Combined with gentle massage movements, it reduces stress and tension restoring the natural flow of energy in the body.


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